Academie Paris Facials

Academie Paris Facials

Place yourself in the hands of our award winning and Paris trained Academie Paris skin care experts.

Place yourself in the hands of our award winning and Paris trained Academie Paris skin care experts.

Académie Paris express mini facial – €35

This express treatment imparts a fresh radiant complexion when time of the essence. Includes cleansing, toning, gentle seaweed peeling and French mask.

Académie Optimum hydration facial – €60

This treatment restores comfort to the skin locking in essential moisture to maintain the optimum rate of skin hydration. Fine lines are diminished, the skin is nourished, and the complexion is radiant.

Académie cool seaweed calming facial – €60

The active seaweed nutrients will calm the most sensitive skin, diffusing redness treating individual skin concerns and providing excellent soothing repair.

Académie Optimum nourishing treatment – €65

Using Academies gentle heated exfoliating paste and nourishing whipped cream mask. This ultra-pampering treatment bathes and wraps the skin in a cocoon of creams, lukewarm softness and tender massage.

Académie essential Oil Facial Ritual

Relax unwind and pamper yourself with this beautiful relaxing face and body Ritual combining the power of essential oils. The treatment is designed to restore balance, revive and impart well-being. The treatment experience begins with light pressure point massage movements on the back to release upper body tension. Including full back and body exfoliation and a deeply relaxing essential oil facial.

Face and back treatment (including exfoliation and massage) – €75
Face and full body treatment (including exfoliation and, massage) – €95

The Collagen Veil Facial – €75

The face is embraced in a collagen rich skin veil to infuse the age defying properties of pure collagen deep into the skin. The “veil” plumps and revitalises damaged skin cells and dramatically reduces the appearance of superficial lines and skin tone. This intensive skin firming and rejuvenating treatment will target the delicate areas of the eyes, mouth and lips to provide immediate visible results.

Academie micro-dermabrasion treatment – €60

Using academies gentle microdermabrasion crystals this hands-on resurfacing treatment will completely exfoliate dead skin cells. The skin looks and feels dramatically softer, smother and more radiant.

Eco peel microdermabrasion (machine treatment) – €75

A jet of fine crystals is used to gently exfoliate the upper layer of the epidermis leaving a silky-smooth finish. The treatment accelerates the production of collagen and elastin. Microdermabrasion reduces the appearance of fine lines, mild scaring, blackheads, sun damage and uneven skin tone.