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Advanced Peels €85-€99 (Course of 3 €199)

Ameson Mesopeel is a professional chemical peeling system for once a week, based on organic acids, aimed at rejuvenating the skin and making it glowing bright and soft.  It has 4 stages: preparation, peeling, neutralisation and regeneration.

Peels can be quite tingly on the skin and range in different percentages and strengths.  For best results we recommend courses of peels, usually 3-6 is sufficient for desired results.

The outer layer of the skin is compacted multiple layers of cells.  This layer protects against environmental damage and dehydration.  The layers of cells naturally shed daily and are held together by a type of cellular ‘glue’. This process in youth works at a greater speed but as we age, this process slows down.  A chemical peels speeds up this process revealing fresh new cells which give an instant glow.

Salicylic acid penetrates deeper into the oil glands so it is best for oily and acne skins. Out of all the peels available salicylic is your go to peel for blackheads, milia, scabs and breakouts. Any blemishes tend to go ‘cloudy’ and white which means they are starting to heal rapidly.

  • Sensitive acne prone skin
  • Acne rosacea
  • Dark prototypes
  • Fine lines
  • Melasma
  • Enlarged pores

Mandelic Acid is the most versatile of the peels, as it can be used on any skin type and condition and colour (dark skin) which is contraindicated with the other peels. The molecules are quite large and so the feeling of tingle, redness and downtime is very minimum.

  • Acne prone skin
  • Seborrhea
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne Scars
  • Actinic keratosis
Ameson mesopeel